Final Trick

final trick cover2All police detective Jo Ferris wanted was a quiet Halloween in her small university town.

Instead, she got a headless corpse and a dead trick-or-treater.

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Final Sale

Final_Sale_Cover_for_KindleMary Breckenridge has waited years for justice. But her time is running out. Alzheimer’s is stalking her.

To give the old woman a bit of peace, police Detective Jo Ferris promises to reopen a very cold case and search for the person who executed Mary’s son in a gas station robbery 20 years before. But flushing out a killer comes with a high price for Mary and Jo.

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Final Leap

Two feet lay smoldering outside the furnace door.

Two bodies burned inside.

Police Detective Jo Ferris thought it was the most horrific domestic she’d ever seen.

She was wrong.



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Final Stretch

57985-fraz-thumbnailCarmen Martinez was a world-class runner. She pushed herself relentlessly in any kind of weather, on any type of surface. She had the Olympics in her sights — until the warm spring night in a lonely park when she made the turn for the jog back to her car, and a stranger stepped out of the woods and snapped her neck.

Now police Detective Jo Ferris must discover who killed a championship athlete before more women die on the final stretch home.

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Final Bid

It was the perfect day for an auction. The weather was clear, the bidding was low, and the ruby red vase on the auction block was flawless.

Police Detective Jo Ferris figured it was a steal.

She just didn’t count on the skeleton in the closet.

Now Jo must dig back 30 years to find a killer– and in the process, discovers that the business of buying and selling antiques can be downright murderous.

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Final Breath

It was a typical Saturday night in the hospital emergency room – kids with broken bones, drunks with broken noses and battered wives with broken dreams. Then a grief-stricken father takes after the town’s leading obstetrician, and suddenly police Detective Jo Ferris and the hospital are teetering on the edge of a gut-wrenching decision: Is this a spur-of-the-moment attack of despair, or is something uglier lurking beneath it?


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Final Exam

When Ben Hardesty burned out as a big-city reporter, he turned to teaching, but he was not a typical college professor. He didn’t care about tenure or textbooks. Instead, he gave his journalism students hands-on experience. But his final exam turned out to be a tragic mistake. Now police detective Jo Ferris must discover whether the test was just an unfortunate accident or whether ugly undercurrents of race and greed at a state university prompted a cold, calculated murder.

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Final Straw

Jo Ferris is a small-town cop dealing with small-town crime and a recently widowed mother. It isn’t the way she pictured her future when she was growing up, but it’s steady work and it has its small rewards. Then one night, someone puts a bullet in her police chief’s head and Jo’s small town is suddenly big news. The investigation into his murder turns up the sins of the past as well as the present, and in the end, brings Jo face to face with a ruthless killer.


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